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Chinese Boxing Forms from Tra Co International cira late 60s early 70s

Mr. Hensel age 61  is filmed live  Sept. 2013 performing opening segments to The Chinese Boxing Forms  he competed with though out the mid 1970s into the mid late 80s. Keep in mind Mr. Hensel is moving slow not at a functional speed which would demonstrate the power component that is actually within in these forms.  It is hoped  one can actually see the movements clearily.   These forms represent the unique Chinese  Style of movement  that are taught to students beginning at Brown belt level in the United Kenpo - Arnis Ass..  All these Forms came out of  the late Master  Tomas Connors Kenpo System referred to as Tra Co International while he was alive. The  Tiger and Crane  is from Al Tracy's Kenpo system..

Mr. Hensel's  personal style of movement and training has always been based on a strong Horse stance coupled with a deep Bow and Arrow stance with strong focus on the center line.