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        Most of what I'm about to talk about here the majority of Kenpo students will not be able to understand.  However, what  I'm about to say is not meant  for the majority but for those very few students that have been touched deeply by the art of Kenpo

        I have a good friend who has been practicing and teaching Kenpo for over 40 years.   We often talk on the telephone to each other.  We both agree that the Art Of Kenpo allowed us continue lives free of alcoholism and drug addiction.   Kenpo kept  our heads above water and we both agree we fell in love with the Art Of Kenpo from the very beginning.  Our first private lesson was the beginning of our romance as we were introduced to the Art.  Every lesson was exciting for we always learned something new and as we matured in the Art we learned something new from practicing the beginning  techniques in the initial belts that we were promoted to.  I remember on the left hand side of the TraCo Purple  belt chart in bold letters it said, REVIEW & CORRELATE ORANGE TECHNIQUES.  This pointed me in the direction of becoming a very good Kenpo student.  From Blue belt though Green Belt  the charts said, BASICS TO BE DEVELOPED ON BOTH SIDES.   It was clear to me that I needed to develop all movements on both my right and left sides of my body.   So I trained and trained putting thousands of hours into the Art Of Kenpo , days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and years into a life time of teaching and practice.

        At 65 years of age I am still teaching the  TRACY SYSTEM OF KENPO...JUST THE OTHER DAY I DEMONSTRATED ONE OF THE SHOULDER ROLL TECHNIQUES THAT IS DONE IN THE 2ND BLACK REQUIREMENTS to a student.   I have a small mat I use to cushion my contact with the wooden floor in my studio...the shoulder roll does not hurt , it is the knee pain   that exist  when I rise up from the shoulder roll.  I don't  make those techniques  part of my daily personal practice any longer, but I still teach the student how to execute the roll and how to assist a student in learning the roll. 

       Most Kenpo students  learn a small part of the system and then quit.   A few reach their Shodan (Black Belt 1st degree) and then quit.  They have not fallen in love with the Art Of  Kenpo or if they did it was long ago off  in some other Galaxy.   However , there are still a few of us that are still practicing the Art even in our senior years..just the other day I went through 14-15 Katas  , today I practiced all the techniques with their  variations from Yellow though 3rd Degree Brown belt and did 75 rear kicks off each leg.  I admit that I stood in front of the charts that are on the wall.  Now and then I can't remember the name of the technique I'm  doing unless I  read the name first hand. Of course I can do the techniques and it is possible not be able to  remember  it's name.  Hell that comes with old age.   If you don't believe me, then you are  too  young to be reading this.

      So I asked my Kenpo friend the other day,  why do we still practice the Art and even continue to teach the Art when most of the seniors before us do not.  He responded, it's because we still love the Art.  He mentioned there are many high Ranked Kenpo Seniors that haven't  taught or practiced Long 4 in the last 20 years.  Either they never were deeply in love with the Art or in many cases ill health has kept them from training.  Personally, I train so I can keep moving.   I fear that if I stop training I will rust and freeze in my tracks like a tin man.  When the day comes I can't fly fish or practice Kenpo, that's the day I want my life to end.

      I have thought of another possible answer to why people such as I still practice the Art Of Kenpo for 40 years and longer.  It is what I call,  being washed in the blood and your soul is happy when you are practicing The Art Of Kenpo. Some people keep coming back to drugs, people such as I , keep coming back to The Art Of Kenpo