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Tracy's Kenpo The Alive Art

                                                    Tracy Kenpo "The Alive Art"

           I have been studying Kenpo for well over 40 years.  I studied the TraCo system , The Tracy System, Kosho Shorei ryu Kempo and Kali.  The first time I heard the phrase "Kali the Alive Art" was when I first  met the late Bujin Mateen out of Kissimmee, Florida.   Mr. Mateen was teaching Pekiti Tersa the Art that  Grand Master Leo T.  Gaje jr. teaches to this day.   Mr. Mateen would on occasion ask me to show him a Kenpo technique or a Kali move that I had developed before I met him.  Once I showed him a technique he would  practice it for a couple of  minutes and then he would smile and say,  "It is mine now".  After studying Kali under him I gained another view of power training and power striking with a stick.  Mr. Mateen also advocated full contact stick fighting.

           Maximum power and transfer of momentum of the strike to your opponent  was achieved though maximum velocity  that is developed  though rotational energy developed from the hips coupled with the shoulder girdle and then extending into the wrist resulted in unbelievable power.  I found out many of the Kali concepts interfaced nicely  within  Tracy Kenpo system of motion.  I was able apply  the power concepts of the Kali that Mateen taught me to my Kenpo Cane concepts which served to only enhance my  understanding of the Cane as a supreme weapon of self defense .   

         My study of how to deliver an initial hand strike and close distance came from the Joe Lewis methods I was taught when I was a Kenpo Orange helped breath beginning  "life" into my  Kenpo training. The other Arts I studied gave me more perspective regarding  my Kenpo techniques also.  Today my Tracy Kenpo that I teach is very much a "Living Art".   I can practice the classical techniques and teach them to my students without ever limiting  my ability to respond Extemporaneously  to an attackTracy's Kenpo if taught as a living Art will only set you free.

P.S. For further understanding of the Kenpo practitioner  see  Ted Sumners article  The Technique?