Self Defense School Of Kenpo - Tracy's Chinese Kenpo ( Fist Law - Chuan- Fa )

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

The United Kenpo - Arnis Ass.

Pine Grove, Colorado

 Back in the mid  80s I formed the United Kenpo - Arnis Ass..  still to this day it is very much alive and headquartered in Pine Grove, Colorado.   In fact everyone  of my personal students is a member and that goes as well to past and present students.   All my Black Belts that I personally teach have a diploma from the Ass. . There is no cost for their diploma.    All my Black belts but two were  certified though the Tracy International Studios Of Self Defense Headquartered in Lexington, Ky. while Al Tracy was still alive.

I teach the complete Tracy System Of Kenpo and have not watered it down, 30 self defense techniques per belt. .  However, my curriculum  incorporates additional information.  Six of the Chinese based forms/katas  from the TRACO  International Kenpo system that  the late Master Tomas  Connor  created are taught to my students  as well.   These Chinese based  Forms are truly  jewels  consisting  of unique and valuable knowledge.   I teach these forms  the way my instructor John Cochran taught me in the early-mid 70s.  ( The TraCo International system of the mid 60s actually pre dates the Tracy franchise Kenpo system 

I also teach the philosophical tenets  and the peace time methods of  self defense  that are found in the Old Pine Tree System Of Kenpo , Kosho Shorei  ryu Kenpo.

The Arnis, Escrima and Kali methods  that I have studied going back into the late 70s extending into the late 80s I teach at this time in my life are eclectic in nature, meaning  in a lesson I may draw from or all three methods.  I do not,  promote students to any Rank in the Kali fighting Arts that I teach.  I simply pass on the stick and knife fighting drills to them to enhance  their movement ability and add concepts to their understanding of weapon defense.

Philosophically speaking the United Kenpo - Arnis Ass. respects all systems of Kenpo and their instructors.  It is important that one  demonstrates respect at all times to the Masters that developed those systems.  Personally my foundation of Martial Arts is founded in the Tracy - Connor lines of Self Defense.   That said, I have the greatest respect for the excellent Instructors in the American Kenpo (Parker Lines of Kenpo).  The same degree of respect goes to the other Kenpo/Kempo systems that exist.

At this point in time in my life my goal is to pass on all my knowledge and not hold back any of it.   

 The United Kenpo - Arnis Ass. will  not  water down the Belt requirements.   All my private lessons  have contact injected in them.   I throw a punch right at the students nose, he learns to Block a real Punch.   When I tell the student to throw a punch at me, I want that punch thrown directly at my nose not off on some weird angle.  When I teach a student to punch correctly,  I have them punch the Makiwara and they get instant feedback on proper wrist  alignment  and center line placement.  The beginning student cannot  develop true Kenpo fundamentals  without their instructor actually making physical contact with them.   Any other instruction without contact is just illusion.  The by product of the illusion are Paper Tigers of the highest degree.

Today there seems to be a lack of good  basics, poor stances, little or no focus.   What I see happening within our Ranks is saddening to me.   I will not be part of it,  I stand by my own set of standards and not those that are common place today.   

 Without developing the fundamental skills all the Rank in the World means nothing.   

"My instruction is available to anyone who seeks it.  There are two Air B and Bs within  stones throw from my studio in Pine Grove, Colorado.   My Tra Co bothers are most welcome to study under me and will fit right in.