The Self Defense School Of Kenpo

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts


The United Kenpo - Arnis Ass.

"Where Traditional   Chinese Kenpo (30 techniques per belt  and all the Forms)

is still very much alive and well"

Pine Grove, Colorado

  In the mid  80s I formed the United Kenpo - Arnis Assn   The United Kenpo ~ Arnis Assn.  is now headquartered in Pine Grove, Colorado.   

My style of training is based on Southern Chinese methods where a strong  Horse Stance is foundational.   However, my Tracy Kenpo  curriculum  incorporates additional information.  Six of the Chinese based forms  from the TRACO  International Kenpo system that  the late Master Tomas  Connor  created are taught to my students  as well.   These Chinese based  Forms are truly  jewels  consisting  of unique and valuable knowledge.   I teach these forms  the way my instructor John Cochran taught me in the early-mid 70s.  These Forms are low horse stance based coupled with strong center line punching  along with fluid hand movements. 

I also teach the philosophical tenets  and the peace time methods of  self defense  that are found in the Old Pine Tree System Of Kenpo , Kosho Shorei  ryu Kenpo that I studied in the early  80s.

The Arnis, Escrima and Kali methods  that I have studied going back into the late 70s extending into the late 80s that I teach at this time in my life are eclectic in nature, meaning  in a lesson I may draw from or all three methods.   I  teach the stick , knife fighting drills and The Classical  Stick Fightning Forms to my students in order to enhance  their movement ability and add concepts to their understanding of weapon defense.

Philosophically speaking the United Kenpo - Arnis Assn.  respects all systems of Kenpo and their instructors.  It is important that one  demonstrates respect at all times to the Masters that developed those systems.  My initial  foundation in Chinese Kenpo started in the early 70s  in the Tracy - Connor lines of Self Defense.   

At this point in time in my life my goal is to pass on all my knowledge.   

You have to be an active  student of mine to be a member of the Assn. .  If you   live out of state and no longer have an instructor to train or study under I will consider teaching  you.  There is no membership fee to be a member.  If you are promoted and tested under me there is no testing fee and there no cost for the diploma.  (If your  training has only been via skype or video tapes you might want to look else where the shock of real Kenpo training and instruction might  be to much for you to handle) 

      I am available to teach privately at my Kenpo studio  here in Pine Grove, Colorado located in the foothills some 40 miles South West of Denver.  There are two air bed and breakfast cabins within a stones throw from my front door for students who travel to Pine Grove from out of state. 

     Contact me for information regarding the cabins for rent located in Pine Grove.