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Over the years I have had many delightful phone conversations with the Tra Co instructors that worked for Tomas Connor.

Pat Cassidy taught  John Cochran who passed away a couple years ago.  Sifu Cochran was my teacher.  

I would very much like to talk to Pat Cassidy if possible about his Tra Co days.  We are getting older every day and time is running out.  If anyone knows how to contact Mr. Cassidy please have him contact me via e mail and we can then set up a time to talk on the phone.


I have had phone conversations or E mail contact with the following:

Paul Bretz - Mt

Jim Stabler - Az

Phyllis Edamatsu - De

Vicki Boman - Az

John Mandal -Ks

Phil Gilbert - Nm

Wade Louistallet - Co

Paul Blake  ??

Ray Fisher - Az

Gary McGhee - Ks

John Neito - Nm  (Partner with Tomas Connor)

P.S.  Jay Huff Sr. and Jay Huff Jr.  I have tried to locate and cannot...