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 I wrote the Article above and it was published in Black Belt magazine in December 1981.  Cane Set was taught to the Tomas Connor Students within the Tra Co International studios.

The is the perfect weapon for the Kenpo student.  I can be contacted for seminars regarding the Kenpo Cane.

The Cane Set concepts and movement combined with the Dark Room Staff , Skylight Staff   offer the Brown Kenpo  student a very dynamic system of movements that work well with walking staffs four feet and longer.  While hiking I always have a bamboo ski pole that is 4 ft long as a walking stick.

 Al Tracy told me that Ed Parker had a Short Cane Set.   Tomas Connor  traveled to Ed Parkers house for Kenpo lessons and It is my theory that Parker  showed Connor  his Cane Set and  therefore  innovative Tomas  Connor put  Cane Set into his Chinese Kenpo

system.  It is the first weapons form that I teach to my students.  Al Tracy did not  have a Cane Set.  

Any Tracy Black Belt that wants to learn my Connor Forms is more then welcome to come to my studio and I will gladly

teach them.