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                                                           Master Tomas Connor and the Iron Palm

Back in late 60s and early 70s there was an IRON PALM  theme  that was present at Tra Co International headquarted at Pheonix, Az Master Tomas Connor had investigated the development of the Iron Palm

At Brown belt 3rd Degree  Master Connor injected  IRON PALM concepts into his system.  Iron Palm consisting  of the  methods : stamping, throwing, dotting and cutting were placed within his unique Chinese style Forms .   His forms appeared to be soft in nature but  were in application anything but soft.  If the practitioner actually did train his hands in the Iron Palm his technique would be devastating. 

My instructor John Cochran inspired me to train my hand with Iron Palm methods .  He gave me a little book Titled Iron Palm in 90 days if my memory is accurate and it might not be.  Sifu Cochran also handed down the Master Connor lineament to me which was rubbed into ones hands before training the hand on the bag of split shot that I used to condition my hand on.  Though the book advised that only the left hand should be trained I personally trained my right hand.  Even today I pass on the lineament to my personal students.  

I also used a lineament in the mid 80's by the name of Master Louies Iron Palm lineament  which used to be made out in Stockton, Ca.  Perhaps it still is.   I also made a very effective Tiger Balm that I rubbed on my hands.  I specialized my hand to a greater degree in the Slapping Palm and Stamping.  Today I can still see the effects of my Iron Palm training  to the palm of my right hand.  Though I do not train the hand in the Iron Palm any longer,  I still teach and practice the Forms that have Iron Palm scattered about them.  I never mastered the Iron Palm but was able to slap a single red brick and break it.