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The Fly Fishing Kenpo Black Belts


     Since time immemorial Masters of the Martial Arts  studied the Arts such as Calligraphy.

     This allowed them to be balanced philosophically.  I have found the sport of Fly Fishing with its mix of timing, focus, immersion into the environs that Trout are found,  one finds them self  standing in beauty that is  laced with solitude and coupled with the simple rhythms of nature very similar to the practice of moving meditation.

     As time has moved along in my own fly fishing life, I have stumbled across Kenpo Masters who have been taken by the Long Rod.  Let me mention a few of them here.  Also  if the reader is a student of Kenpo and also Fly Fishes please send me a short Bio and a photo would be nice to include in your mention here on this web site. 

     Al Tracy -  Great Grand Master of the Tracy System of Kenpo was very heavy into Fly Fishing  and he often would plan his travels to his schools around the Nation to coordinate with his fishing passion.

     Paul Bretz -  4th Degree Black Belt under the late Jay T. Will was introduced to Fly Fishing as a kid when he lived in Colorado.  Paul managed Tra-Co schools for the late Master Tomas Connor in Denver and Kansas city.  He ran a school in Craig, Colorado when he was with the late Jay T. Will.  Fly Fishing the area around Craig was like a second Heaven for Paul.  He then moved to Montana and ran a Kenpo karate studio in the Bozman area.  He became a fishing guide for 30 years. 

     Philip Gilbert - 9th degree Master has studied and taught Kenpo for 40 years or more in Albuquerque, Nm.  About 14 years ago his wife bought him a fly tying kit and he fell in love with Fly Tying and fly fishing.  today he is one of the most respected tyers in New Mexico.  Phil estimates that he has tied 48000 flys.  

     Bill Hensel - 9th Degree Black belt - retired from making Bamboo  Fly Rods  on  May 19, 2016 after  20 years of standing in the cosmic bamboo dust .  He still practices and teaches Kenpo in his small Kenpo studio in Pine Grove, Colorado. 

    Bill Wolford - 1st degree Black belt in Tracy Kenpo and  Instructs in Tai Chi out of Oregon is one of the best Fly Tyers out there in the North West.  Bill sent me a number of his woven body flies they are beautiful.

    Dave Talley - 1st degree Black belt under the late Sifu Cochran.  Dave has taught courses  in fly fishing  fora local Denver area fly shop.