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Taking  Out The Trash

     One thing I learned early in my study of Kenpo was the best Defense against a very dangerous opponent is a very rapid decisive Counter Offense.  Jim Bracket brought the fighting stance with the rear heel off the floor and the none cocking back fist  into the Denver Kenpo Karate Academy of which I and George Stumpf  (who is a current student of mine)  developed and appreciated back in our early days cira 1973.   Bracketts understanding of critical distance, timing skills, strategy and fighting drills to support these unique methods  came from his exposure  to Joe Lewis seminars out of the Nackord Tracy Karate Studios in the Philadelphia area cira 1970.

     When a woman is attacked she needs to strike vital areas groin and throat or eyes as soon as the would be attacker crosses into her personal zone.  George and I still teach striking as soon as the opponents foot crosses that radius referred to as critical distance or personal zone when it comes to self defense out in the real world.    There are times when one must hit first.

     I refer to this strategy as "Taking Out The Trash" which I got from the Movie "Road House" that Patrick Swayze stared in.  It remains one of my favorite movies to this day.

P.S.  The Denver Kenpo Academy was owned by the late Sifu John Cochran

Note the right side leed stance with the rear  heel lifted off the floor allowing for rapid closing of distance . 

Photo of  Sifu Bill Hensel  in fighting stance cira 1990.