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     The other day I was driving around the mountains  with a new student that had studied Kenpo in the Chicago area and had recently bought a house near Golden, Colorado.  I wanted  to show him the area and expose him to some of the home grown secrets  up in these hills.

       I pointed out some good places to eat and in fact we had breakfast  at the Rustic Station in Bailey.  The service was great in a warm western sort of way and the food was good.  We talked about Kenpo and naturally he  asked the question, What got me started in Kenpo?  Now I have fielded that question at least  hundred times in my life.  To truly  answer that question the listener would be wise to bring a brown bag lunch along.  That said, I decided to tell him part of the story in-order to keep it on a short shoe string so to speak.  After the story was told, Aron Knack ,that's his name commented, "that's so cool".   So I decided to put it in print.

     The story as I like to remember it  goes like this.  Me and a few of my Salisbury State College compatriots were sitting around in a pizza place draining down a few pitches of beer  and shoving pizza in our faces.  I was know on campus as kind of a crazy man for some of the crazy shit I had done and one of those things was knock a guy out with a single punch.  There were plenty of witnesses and people let me have my space after that event occured.  Anyway, back to the story.  Our waitress was about  5'6"  red hair that hung to her middle of her back and she had the prettiest  green eyes I had swear I had ever seen.  One of the guys brought up the subject of karate.  We started talking about the Kung Fu T.V. show and then someone asked me if I thought I could knock out a Karate guy, the way I knocked out the guy in the student union building on campus.  He had seen me move on the guy and he never saw the punch I hit the guy with, he said it was that fast.  The other two guys just smiled and nodded their heads as if if was just another B.S. story.  The pretty waitress stepped  by our table and I guess she had been ease dropping  in to our karate conversation and was standing by me when I said, no I don't believe  I could knock out a karate guy.  She looked at each of us and we all were probably holding our breath she was that attractive.  Anyway she  then looked at me and asked if I knew Karate?.  I said, no but I surely would like to study it.  I asked her, do you know any Karate?  Just trying to keep her in the conversation.   She smiled and said , I have studied some Kenpo up in the city.  What city? I asked and she said Philly.  Is this Kenpo, which I had never heard of before Karate or some sort of Judo?.  She said, neither,  Kenpo is based on Chinese Kung- Fu and it is a Self Defense Art not a sport like Karate was becoming.  She left us the ticket and wondered off to wait on another table.  We, finished up the last pitcher and the guys were getting  up to leave. I said, I be out there in the parking  lot in a few minutes there is something I need to do and I walked up to the cash register lady and asked if I could talk to our waitress, she asked about the where abouts of the waitress in the kitchen and someone told her the girl had slipped out back on her break.  I left the pizza joint and walked around the corner of the building and there she was smoking a cigarette.  As I approached her she recognized me right off and asked me what I was doing back there.  I said,  I just wonder if she would show me  a couple Kenpo moves, she smiled, smudged out her cigarette and said, well step on over next to me  and grab my right shoulder  with your left hand, this I did.  The next thing that occured,  she hit me in my arm pit and that dropped me down on my left knee.  I was looking up at those pretty green eyes wondering what had just happened, my world view had just been turned upside down.  She kindly extended her hand offering to help me up, but I said no that's ok I can get up on my own.  I looked  around to see if anyone had witnessed me being brought to my knees,  I breathed a sigh of relief, no one was around, there  were no witnesses thank God.  She smiled and said "That's  Kenpo" and then she said I have to go back to work and disappeared inside the building.

     When I got back to the parking lot the boys were wondering what had happened to me.   I never mentioned the event to any of them.  I had a secret all to my own.  Little did I know that pretty girl with Red Hair and Green eyes played  a larger part in my life then I ever could have imagined at that time in my young life.