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Sifu George  Stumpf

3rd Degree Black Belt

Personal Trainer 

Denver Kenpo Karate Academy

member of the 

United Kenpo ~ Arnis Ass.


     George and I began studying  Kenpo  under the late Sifu John Cochran who managed the Master Tomas Connor  CO PAR ( Connor-Parker)  Kenpo studio in Denver in the early 70's.  I got my Black belt from Sifu Cochran in 1976 and traveled back east and opened my first studio in Salisbury Maryland.  George received his Black Belt from Sifu Cochran in 1983.  George had a family to raise and a career to develop so he dropped out of Kenpo.  But Kenpo  was always  close to his heart and not far from his mind.   He remembered his tournament days when he fought both point competition , competed in  Kata and even branched out to fight a few full contact matches.  Our paths only crossed a few times in all those years. George had come by my studio and received a few lessons but could not allocate the money for lessons since he was trying to raise a family at the time.  He went on to have a successful career working at University of Denver.

     When George discovered that Sifu Cochran had passed away on May 1, 2015 he goggled  my name and found me living up in Pine Grove, Colorado.  I was no longer involved in Commercial  Karate however he saw I was still practicing and teaching Kenpo privately to a few students.  George gave me a telephone call and told me about our instructor passing away.  I was shocked to hear the news.  I had talked with Sifu Cochran on the phone a few months prior to  his death.  George asked if we could get together  up here in the mountains for a small reunion to recognize the passing of our instructor. 

     We met at a local restaurant and dug up and talked about our old memories of when we studied the TRA CO system under Sifu Cochran.  It  turned out to be a very important event both of our lives.  A few weeks after the get together George called me and asked if he could get a few lessons from me, he thought he might want to start training once again after a 30 year layoff from the Art.    I was overjoyed at the aspect of teaching a few private lessons to George.

     George discovered I had converted over to the Tracy system of Kenpo but none the less had kept the Tra Co system of Kenpo forms  alive.   Even though I had shifted over to teaching the Tracy system I had personally always practicing the Connor forms as I had been taught by Sifu Cochran.   One lesson lead to another and so on.  Then one day George started teaching Kenpo privately at his home and he stated he  wanted to learn the entire Tracy system from yellow belt to Black.  Once again I was delighted.  George heads up the Denver Kenpo Karate Academy and teaches private lessons to his students at his home.

     George began traveling   the 1.5 hours up to my mountain dojo every Wednesday and has  always on been on time.   I finally taught the entire system to George up though Black Belt Shodan rank and that included, the TRA CO forms, Cane Set, The Boxing Form, Stalking Panther, Flowing Hands, and Chinese Single Sword George often mentioned to me how happy he was that I kept the Connor forms intact and that they were part of my requirements in addition to the Tracy system of Kenpo to reach Black Belt Shodan.

     George received his Nidan 2nd degree Black Belt from me and was able to meet Great Grand Master Al  Tracy at  Rock Springs, Wyoming  at the Last Man standing seminar  that my dear friend Master Willie Pineda hosted.  George has now learned all  the material up though 4th degree Black belt.   Jan. 1, 2018 George was  promoted to San Dan 3rd Degree Black Belt.  That said, George has learned more material under my hand then any student I have ever taught.  It remains a high honor to have such a committed student.    

      George was also promoted to Guru Level 1 Student material on Jan. 1, 2018.  This means he can begin teaching beginning Arnis - Kali  material referred to as Level 1 student.

     I have gained a brother in the Art and a true friend.  What more could I ask for  at this late hour in my life as a Kenpo instructor.