The Self Defense School Of Kenpo

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

My Personal Martial Arts Time Line:

October 1976 was promoted to Black belt by John Cochran in Denver, Colorado at the Denver Kenpo Karate Academy.

1976 opened my first Kenpo Studio in Salisbury , Maryland.

1981 Received my B.S. degree from Metro State College Major Physcial Education K-12 with

(30 hours of science classes).  I taught Science, Math and P.E. for one year.

1986  Inducted into the book Who's Who in American Martial Arts.

1990 I Sold Three Tracy's Karate Franchises in the Denver Area.

2011 Inducted into the International Kenpo Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas, Nv.

2015 Promoted to 9th degree Black Belt by Al Tracy, Ted Sumner and Pat Tracy

2019 Still actively teaching the Tracy System of Chinese Kenpo ( 30 techniques per belt ) to a few students.

I'm Head of the United Kenpo ~  Arnis Ass.  formed mid 80's.

      My students call me Mr. Hensel or Sifu and that works  for me.  I'm an active instructor still practicing and teaching a hand full of dedicated students the Art Of Chinese Kenpo just like I have since I opened up my first  Chinese Kenpo studio in 1976.   I never Mastered a single thing in my entire life but I worked hard at  the few things I had a passion for:  Kenpo, Bamboo Rod Making, Fly Fishing.