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Black Belt Nidan Technique Requirements


      Replacement Technique                                  Classical Tracy Techniques           

1.   Kung Fu Turning Exercise                                   1. Broom Sweeps *

2.   Dropping Elbow                                                    2. Climbing The Stairs  

3.  The Hornet/ Panther Attack                                  3. Falcon *

4.   Tong Attack                                                            4. The Hawk  AB

5.   Hands Of The Clock                                             5.  Springing Rooster *

6.   Chinese Hands                                                     6.  Flying Dragon AB

7.   Crossing Limbs                                                     7.  Scissors  AB*

8.   Gun Escape 1 & 2                                                 8.  Crouching Tiger

9.   Snapping The Chain                                            9.  Falling Rock AB

10. Capturing The Pick                                            10.  Springing Limb

11. Chi Lin  Attack                                                     11.  Falling Monkey

12. Chinese Pincers II                                              12.  Slashing Dragon

13. Boxing Defense                                                  13.  Tibetan Knee *

14. Broken Idol                                                          14.  Tibetan Roll

15. Curved Knives                                                   19.  Double Knot

The replacement Kenpo techniques that I have injected into the Nidan requirements are both dynamic and interesting to learn. They are used as replacements for the classical techniques that have shoulder rolls in them. Students that have shoulder and back problems will not benefit from rolling on a hard wood floor that I have in my studio.  Grand Master Mark Tracy has his own replacement techniques and I can teach those to my students also.

The remaining 15 techniques in the classical Tracy Nidan belt requirement chart   are taught..   So the student has to learn 30 Self Defense Techniques. Nothing is watered down.  

* denotes these techniques are actually taught in the lower belts in group class.