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Purple Mat Work

     What was called Purple Mat Work  at Tra Co International  was comprised of  The judo falls , Front, Rear and SideShoulder rolls followed by different kicks and ground fighting with ones legs.  I learned these in 1973.  Keep this in mind, Sifu John Cochran would have me stand on one leg and then he would sweep my  supporting foot from under me and I would fall onto a plywood floor.  There were  no mats in his school.  This was not the watered  down Skype training that some of the Kenpo  Instructors today are teaching their students with.  I make this comparison so the reader might be able to determine how hands on the  training in the 60s and 70s was and therefore  produced a very rough and tough  Kenpo student.

   Still today even with my limited size mat that I use in my small dojo I teach the Three Falls, shoulder rolls and  the techniques found in  2nd Black within the classical Tracy system.  I generally start teaching  Scissors to my student who is working on Purple Belt.  As the student advances though the Color belts I continue to add to his PURPLE  MAT  WORK  curriculum relative to his bodies physical condition and his age.