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      When I moved to Pine Grove, Colorado 14 years ago it was a nice place to live if one was into star gazing either via naked eye, binocular or telescope. A couple years after I moved there a street light popped up.   I would have never moved to Pine Grove if it had a street light.  It's Dark Skies and Fly Fishing  was its big attraction  for me.  Now in 2018 it seems that every one who is buying a home in the village and the surrounding area has a outdoor light on of some kind and there are those that even leave them on all day long. If they move to the mountains from the cities they bring the city with them.  The Air B and Bs that are now in the village attract all types of persons. Some of them leave the out doors lights on all night and even one  has a bright LED that is trigger'd  by a motion detector that shines directly into my bed room window every time the local fox or deer come walking past the motion detector or when the people walk outside.

     Light pollution is becoming a problem though out the country and studies are showing that even the wild life is being effected by all the Led Lightning Systems that are solar powered.

     People have a right to have their lights on if that is what they want to do. That said, I just wish people cared about the dark skies as much as they cared about their internet connection and their stupid smart phones. Mean while I will continue attempt to gaze at the cosmos. There will be a time when Dark Skies won't exist any longer in the mountain communities and it is not far off. I'm just glad I'm old and hopefully dead and gone by that time.