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Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

  I was proud to promote Phill Chiafalo to Shodan on this day of our Lord Dec 29, 2019.   Phill is my 14th Shodan since I became a Black Belt in 1976.

A little history on Phill:  Phill studied Kenpo under me in the mid 80s along with Arnis and Kosho Kenpo.  When ever I did a public self defense demonstration in the 80s it was Phill I used in my demos.

Phill had been promoted to Brown Belt 1st Degree when I ran my Tracy Karate Studio in the 90s.  He had all the material for Shodan but did not test for Black Belt.   In November of 2016 some 25 years later he started driving up to Pine, Colorado for private lessons and I retaught the classical Tracy System to him.  Now two years later and at 60 years of age  he is now a SHODAN Black Belt.

I'm honored to have Phill as a life time friend.