Self Defense School Of Kenpo - Tracy's Chinese Kenpo ( Fist Law - Chuan- Fa )

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

Mr. Rodriguez was promoted to Blue Belt 5th Kyu December 1, 2016 by his teacher Sifu George Stumpf.

Mr. Rodriquez had to learn 130 Self Defense Techniques and 7 Forms in order to test for Blue belt.

For Green Belt he will learn an additional 30 Self defense techniques and three additional Forms: Cane Set, Mass Attack and Panther Set/ Bookset.

As you can see the students that Sifu Stumpf teach are not being taught a watered down Kenpo system and no Belt test fee is required.

Mr. Rodriguez  was promoted to Green Belt 4th Kyu June 22, 2017 by Sifu George Stumpf.