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Location:  Salisbury, Maryland

Time : 1976 


The Salisbury Kenpo Karate Academy  was located across the Pocomoke River from a Black section of town that was  run down and many of the residence were drug addicts and alcoholics.   I had painted the large glass windows black so the public could not look into the studio.  Subsequently a  Black gang of youths were very curious about what was going on inside the studio.  On evening,  I was teaching a private lesson to a prospective student on the Introductory Five Lesson Course.   The front  door opened and a very large Black youth walked in, 6 feet tall weighting about  250 lbs.  Following him his gang filed in and lined up around the  the   perimeter of the the  main training floor.  The gang leader squared up to the  100lb heavy bag and began hitting the bag I smiled at him then   I went back to the private lesson and finished  it.  I could tell my student was a bit stressed  after he saw  the black gang come inside the studio.  I said,  stick around this could be interesting.   I approached the leader of the gang and smiled and said, you hit that bag pretty hard.  He smiled and his gang members were smiling as well.  I walked onto the main floor  and picked up a yellow portable bag that was actually used for football training.  I held the bag and asked the big guy to demonstrate his kicks of the bag.  His kicks were weak  and his quickly began to lose face in front of the gang members.    I asked the gang if there  were any others that wanted to kick the bag, there were no takers.  So, I threw the bag to the Big guy and asked him to hold it so I could  I kick  it.  He smiled and gladly held the bag for me to kick.  I started  front thrusting the bag with increasing power  and instructed the big kid to hold the hag against his chest.  I then told him to get ready for a power kick, he tighten up his body preparing for the kick.   I shuffled in with a Rear Kick,  it drove him backward and he fill against the wall, which collapsed, resulting in the big guy falling into the Korean Wig shop that was on the other side of the wall.   Let's put it this way ,  the Korean Wig shop owner came running over to my studio screaming until he figured out that I had kicked this kid right through the wall that separated his business from mine.   It  took a few minutes to pull the big kid out of the pile of splinter wood and wigs.  The introductory student  I had just finished teaching witnessed the event  and became a Kenpo believer from that moment on.   From that day on the gang members would stop by the studio from time to time  to salute me with the basic Kenpo bow.  

The following students were promoted to Orange Belt at the Salisbury Studio:

Ben TruittBilly BlackTirone WashingtonSteve Lefue

I was the first person to bring the Tracy - Connor Kenpo system to the Eastern Shore Of Maryland.

Here is the building in Salisbury, Maryland  1976,  that I opened my first Kenpo Karate Studio in.  The photo was taken in the late 80s whenI traveled back there for a three day visit.