Self Defense School Of Kenpo - Tracy's Chinese Kenpo ( Fist Law - Chuan- Fa )

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I started competing in Karate Tournaments as a white belt in 1972 and retired in 1987.  By 1987, All my time was taken up by then Teaching Kenpo to my students.  Those days in Denver were tough in that Forms competitors such as Peter Morels, Mark Brinkman, Karen Shepard, Art Dacoscos , Karen Shepard, Willie Pineda all at one time had won big tournaments Nation wide and most were stationed in the Denver area.  Willie Pineda hailed out of Rock Springs and made the long drive to Denver.   I held my own winning first place occasionally and often placing. My final tournament, I won, Hard Style Forms, Soft Style Forms and Weapons and was given the Grand Champion  trophy.  I figured I might as well retire, it would not ever get that good ever again.  I found the June 1980 Karate Illustrated in a box the other day and I see I was placed 2nd in Weapons Forms. 

Most of the Kenpo guys competed in Fighting and your see some of their names here.  I decided to compete in FORMS because in the beginning  I was scared to death to get out on the floor with people watching from the stands  .  I wanted defeat the fear that resided inside of me.  I practiced the Forms thousands of times to get ready for the tournament and this really helped me develop the Art of Kenpo Karate.  It actually took years.

The TRACO forms gave me a big advantage when competing against classical Chinese Gung Fu students.  I will say this, Tomas  Connors forms were inspirational and to this day I still practice them.