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     My mother used to say, "Bill anything worth doing is worth doing well".  With two years of college behind me,  the Vietnam War winding down I was at loose ends.  So I came West on my own from the stagnant East Coast. Flat land never moved me spiritually but I knew even when I was a young lad of six years of age moving water and mountains had a hold on my very soul.   By the time I was in my early teens I had a couple  things on my mind other than girls and that was learning Chinese Martial Arts and Fly Fishing.  Mostly I kept these dreams and thoughts to myself not even sharing them with my parents, sister or my friends.   I  learned over time that telling someone about your  wonderful day out on a trout stream who doesn't fly fish is wasting their time and yours.   The same thing was true with Kenpo. I kept my feelings about the Art to myself, it was better that way.  Once something or some one gets under your skin and mingles with your blood even ones soul is hooked.  It becomes a very personal experience not unlike a spiritual experience that penetrates and scrapes at your very bones thus leaving  you with a philosophical frame of reference that your universe can be measured against and then understood in your  own very special way.    Someone gave me a little book titled "ILLUSIONS The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah".  What I remember that effected me the most from reading the book was a simple concept.  "You teach best what you need to know".  I have been a teacher of Kenpo for over 43 years. No longer is there a need to know but a desire to know.  

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