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Jim Brackett meets with his 1975 fight class students

On August 8, 2015 George Stumpf, Gerard Stephens and Bill Hensel had lunch in Conifer, Colorado at the Wing Wagon with Jim.  Jim taught the Joe Lewis point fighting methods on Thrusday nights at John Cochrans "Denver Kenpo Karate Academy" that was located on Sheridan and Kentucky.  Jim was a an early 1970s Black Belt of Dennis Nackord who brought the Tracy Kenpo System to Philadelphia.   The Tracy brothers hired Lewis to teach his methods though out the country.

We had a great time listening to all the stories that Jim told us of his early days of Kenpo back on the East Coast, plus his days of fighting tournaments in Colorado. 

We all shared our memories of his class that we attended in 1975.  

Gerard Stephens, Bill Hensel, Jim Brackett, George Stumpf