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Jim Brackett Remembered.

Jim received his Black belt from Dennis Nackord in the very early 70s out of Philadelphia.  Nackord had brought the Tracy Kenpo System to the East Coast  after training with the Tracy's in San Jose.  Nackord was on the Tracy Competition team which was headed up by Joe Lewis.   Jim received the Joe Lewis point fighting strategies from Lewis himself  while he trained and taught for Dennis Nackord.

Fate had it, that Jim would come to Denver in 1972 and he started looking for a karate studio to train at.  He saw the Dacoscos studio and checked it out, but it wasn't quite what Jim was looking for.   Then he stumbled across the Tra-Co-Par studio on East Cofax that John Cochran was managing for Tomas Connor.  Jim found the Traco system very close to the Tracy system he had trained in back east in Philadelphia.  ( Jim told me he felt the Tra Co International system of Kenpo actually pre dated the Tracy's franchise version) So he started training and teaching  at  Tomas Connor school Tra Co Par. 
When Cochran left Tom Connor and opened up his own school on Sheridan  and Kentucky Ave.  it was Jim who helped John set up the studio.
Jim taught a fighting class on Thursday nights that specialized in propagating the Joe Lewis methods coupled with Western Boxing two man drills and Boxing heavy bad work.  I remember Jim having great timing speed and could plant a back fist off his opponents temple before he could initiate his attack.  He also had a super leg sweep technique, where he would sweep his opponents front foot with his led foot thus opening up the kidney for a punch and then Jim would often followup and drive his right knee into the back  of the opponents leg taking him down while Jim grabbed his left shoulder and delivered a right reverse punch to the head of his opponent.
Jim also had a front frontal attack that came down the center line, that he picked up from his first Kenpo teacher who's initial Black Belt was in Shotokan.
We were all better fighters for attending Jims class back in those days.  
Master Tomas Connor advocated Western Boxing thoughout his Tra Co International System.

   Below is a picture of Jim Brackett fighting down in Colorado Springs cira 1975-76.

Jim is in the checkered gi.  He has just scored a point and is drawing his hand back to catch the referees eye.

Jim was fast but more importantly he had great timing speed.