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Is the Magic in the Cards or In The Art


     He walked into my studio and worked his wallet out of his back pocket.  Digging deep into the wallet the man in his early twenties  pulled out a business card and handed it to me.  It was a very old business card  the ink almost worn away with age.  I smiled and said, boy that card has seen better times, then I handed it back and welcomed him into my office.  Everyone has their story to tell and I was sure this young man had one to tell me.  The young man took the brand new studio business card with gold ink that was sitting in front of him on my nice wooden desk.  He said he had come by my Kenpo Karate studio when he was about ten years old and I had given him the business card  he had carried with him for over ten years.   He said, he kept that card as a reminder that when the day came and he could afford it he would come to my studio and study Kenpo Karate.