The Self Defense School Of Kenpo

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts


 Chinese Kenpo Karate  for Health and Self Defense

"The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A First Step"

Semi - Private Lessons  " Two Students study for the Price Of One"

Even beginner students who are seniors in their 50s and 60s can benefit from the study of  Kenpo.

The study of Kenpo is good for the "Mind, Body and Spirit" 

For over 50 years the Tracy Kenpo Studios have introduced the beginning student to Kenpo though an Introductory Course .  

The Chinese  Masters would  teach beginning  students in a group class.  The best students  would be given Private lessons where "The Hands" were taught, meaning the true application of a series of movements.

 Saving the students face was paramount.  Sifu Hensel and Sifu Stumpf   give all our students Private Lessons.

Step One:  Send me an E Mail and answer the questions found on the CONTACT PAGE. 

Step Two:   You take Three Introductory Private Lessons,  1/2 hour each  that  cost   $75.00 for all three private lessons.  

Step Three:    If  Mr. Hensel or Mr. Stumpf  except you as a student then You will receive a 1/2 hour PRIVATE LESSON each week at $25 per lesson.  You will prepay for ten lessons thats $250.

All advanced students receive a 1 hour lesson each week at a rate of $50/ lesson.  Advanced students  pay for ten lesson up front.