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      I grew up on a small farm back East.  My father had lived in South Dakota and his dad was a care taker of a large ranch.  Dad had to see over 60 head of horses  each day before he rode his own horse seven miles to school.  The stories my father told me about living in the Wild West combined with the Westerns on T.V. in the 60s programmed me to leave the East Coast and come out to Colorado.  I came for the mountains, mountain streams and the wide open spaces.   The Gravity of the West  is well documented in the Zane Grey Western Novels.  My mother was from Quincy, Illinois and she and her father  fished with each other,  often side by side.  It was my mother   that told me about sitting quietly alone while observing the natural world around me and the secrets  that I may discover in doing so.  We had a book case of Britannica Encyclopedias and on top of the book case was a handsome buttress of Chief Morning Star.  Mom spoke reverently of the American Indians. The Code of the West, the Ten Commandments and The Constitution were delivered to me as a young lad.  

     I found a fair amount of solitude awaited me out in Colorado.  Traveling the back roads in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana over the past 45 years,  I ran into old cowboys who knew how to just sit and watch  their immediate surroundings.  These same people would give the very shirt off their back to another person in need.  The Code of the West  actually still exist and is found in the strangest places.  The key to living life is to slow down and take a few left handed turns.  Go fishing instead of always chasing that Green Back.  

     People need to take their noses out of those smart phones,  shut off the T.V.s  and take a slow walk out in nature not some mall.  Observe nature like the Indians and Cowboys did and still do.  Odds are if your reading this you are caught up in the text messaging, face book world.  You wonder why you are  so unhappy. You are  so addicted to your smart phone you can't even see the forest for the treesDisconnect and  leave the smart phone home when you take your hike or walk.  Adventurely , your be free and life will deliver you it's wonderful secrets.