The Self Defense School Of Kenpo

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

Form Requirements

Form Requirements

Up though 5th Degree Black Belt


                          Orange Belt      Purple  Belt        Blue  Belt         Green Belt

                                       Short 1              Short 2             Short 3           Mass Attack AB

                                       Long  1              Long 2              Long 3            Book Set

                                                                                       Finger Set          Cane set


                                  Brown Belt 3rd        Brown Belt 2nd        Brown Belt 1st            Shodan

                                       Long 4                  Tiger and Crane               Long 5                     Long 6

                                Dark Room Staff           Skylight Staff               Moving Finger Set    Two Man Set

                                   Boxing Form            Stalking Panther            Flowing Hands         Chinese Sword

                                  2nd  Black                     3rd Black                      4th Black              5th Black

                                   Long 7                          Parker 6                       8 pt Spear             Spear Set  

                             #3 Chinese Staff             Tam Tui 12 Section            Little Tiger            Chinese Set

                             Whispering Pines              Sky Light Spear            Shaolin Hand Set      Lepoard

                          NOTE:  The OLD MAN KATA  can be taught at any point in the requirements.

                          Lightening Ram    and  The Double Short Sword Form   can be taught to the student

                          any time from Brown Belt 3rd degree on up.  These forms  are not required in Rank testing.

                          Lightening Ram Form is composed of  Self Defense techniques that reflect Chows Kenpo

                          and that is why I still teach it.  Mass Attack AB must be performed for Shodan Test. 

                          Japanese Sword #1  can be taught after Shodan Rank  at any level.