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A Little Meditation by Bill Hensel

March 14, 2014

       I'm a Christian and a student of Buddhism to many my hypocrisy would have no end . Ever since I met a Japanese Buddhist back in the early 70s while surfing along the East Coast and then meeting professor Dr. Huja in 1980 who taught a course in Eastern Religions at Metro State College, I have had a deep respect for Zen Buddhism. I began practicing ZaZen mediatation, simply sitting and breathing in a 10 count fashion a couple years (cira 1970-1972) before I took lessons in Kenpo Karate. (I never had an instructor who mentioned they meditated)

      At this present time in my life,  I will often find a comfortable rock near the edge of a cold mountain stream and sit in ZaZen. If I feel stressed, I will walk out to my little dojo and sit in ZaZen for 15-20 minutes and concentrate on only my breathing. After ZaZen, I will rise and practice my Kenpo self defense techniques or forms.

      Most of the Kenpo instructors within the United States back in the 70s were of the Christian faith and therefore refrained from lacing their Kenpo instruction with Zen. It was felt that exposing their students who were Christians to Zen philosophy would lead to conflict and the student would feel uncomfortable with this component within the school and thus leave. This would not be good business. Personally, I stayed away from exposing much of my Buddhist philosophy in my own commercial Kenpo studio for that same reason.

      Lets be totally honest, most students never grasp the simple concept of simply train and practice a few minutes daily ”. “When you eat eat, when you walk walk and when you sit sit.” does not fit into a society where most people are addicted to their smart phones. Oh they will take their private lessons and the next week show up , wide eyed and bushy tailed and tell their Sifu, I did not get a chance to practice. So why point them in the direction of sitting quietly and concentrate on their breathing. That would be to simple also. It also takes effort and a little discipline.

       Personally I have always enjoyed a path that requires hard work, if Fly Fishing was easy I would not have been interested in it, if making a Bamboo Fly Rod was easy I would not have spent those long hours in Bamboo Dust and if Kenpo was easy I would not have spent 40 years training in that Art either. One could say I took the hard shots and they would not be far from the truth.  In fact I don't have much to show for this philosophy or the way of life that I have lived.

       I have always believed that True Self Defense is learning to Defend against Ones own Self. Seeking a middle path, maintaining a healthy mind  and body. So try a little mediation, look into the Eight Fold Path you might discover something along the way. 


Personal Note: Keep this in mind most Christians would not consider me a Christian.  You won't find me sitting in Church on a Sunday.  In fact you won't find me down in Denver at the Buddhist temple that I was once married in either. 





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