The United Kenpo ~ Arnis Assn. Est. 1986

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

                            Come to The Rockies this summer and learn Cane Set.

Come out to Pine Grove, Colorado this summer and learn  Cane Set.   One on One private instruction at $50 per hour.  The fact that you will receive private instruction will allow you to learn the weapon Set much faster.  The Cane Set will be taught throughout the month of June.  There are two B&Bs within a stones throw from my house.  The lake pictured above is 3 minutes by car from my house.  Fishing, mountain biking and hiking are the three summer activities that are popular in the area.   Contact me today.  You will  only be a 1 hour drive time from Denver.