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Ray Arguilla , Bookset and Kenpo


     There are so few of the seniors  who are currently  teaching  these days  that actually have kept the Tracy Kenpo System intact.  In fact one of  the seniors told me the other day on the telephone he did not see  any value in the form "Bookset".    I figured that since the man has been in Tracy Kenpo for 45 years there was no reason for me to mention that I felt that Bookset  was one of the most important Forms in the system.  If he could not see what I saw with all that  time in the Art of Kenpo I might as well keep my mouth shut and so I said nothing.   In fact Grand Master Ted Sumner  feels that Bookset is practically a system within itself.  Al Tracy told me Jimmy Woo felt it was the Definitive Form.   Grand Master Ray Arguilla told me on the telephone just the other day that he felt that  Bookset was very important in the Tracy Kenpo System. 

     This leads me into the subject of just letting the Art go by the wayside and teaching  what one likes and discarding what one does not like.  I am 65 years old and still practice 40 forms and all the Self Defense Techniques up though Black belt 4th degree.   Grand Master Ray Arguilla still practices about 275 forms of the 300 Forms he has learned over his life time.  This is impressive.

     Speaking with Grand Master Ray on the phone is motivating and to the degree that after hanging up from our conversation I felt a strong desire to practice my Kenpo.  I love that feeling that comes from ones passion for the Art.

     Grand Master Ray Arguilla is the type  of 10th Dan that remains an inspiration to me.