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Bill  Packer   A  Kenpo Legend

was the top disciple of Grand  Master Tomas Connor who developed the Tra Co International studios in the mid 60s and was one of the Great American Kenpo Karate pioneers .  Tomas Connor was a genius regarding the evolution of how Kenpo Karate would be taught in the United States and then Internationally.    Bill was the product of the classical Kenpo that  Connor taught and formulated.  That said, Master Packer competed in the karate tournaments of the 70s and won many first places in Kata and Fighting.  Bill had a boxing back ground like his instructor Tomas Connor did before he studied Kenpo.  As time would move along Master Packer  would manage schools for Master Connor and therefore immerged as a teacher par excellent .  Mr. Packer gained the sales and business knowledge that Tomas Connor had developed.  Today it is public knowledge that Tomas Connor was a genius when it came to the business aspect of running commerical kenpo studios    Bill struck off on his own and created the American Kenpo Karate Academes.  His schools spread out though out the South West then North into Colorado, Missouri and other states.    Both Bill and Connor believed that Kenpo should be expanded with more Chinese style movements and therefore developed additional  Chinese style Forms  that  became part of the American Kenpo Karate Academes.  Master Packers  students were able to compete in the Chinese divisions with great success with the addition Forms that he and Tomas Connor  developed.

Classical Kenpo/Kempo  (chuan fa) was perfected  by  Master Packer however he did stop not  there.  Bill Packer was one of the great Full Contact Kick Boxing trainers in the World.  At one time he had more World Rated fighters  than any other  trainer.   Whenever,  Bill had fighters competing in the Denver area,  I would go to the fights just to watch his fighters.  I have watched his fighters fall behind and look like they  would lose their fight, only to have Bill Packer lean over the ropes to talk to his fighter and then I would see his fighter come back and win often with a knockout blow.  I believe this speaks to the fact that Bill Packer was a Master kick boxing trainer.

My instructor John Cochran who at one time managed studios for Tomas Connor was friends with Bill Packer.   Bill would often spend his nights at Johns home when he was in the Denver area.  Even though Bill was busy during the fights he always found a little time talk to me when I showed up to a full contact event in Denver.  There was a time before Bill opened up his American Kenpo Karate Academes in the Denver area  he would refer his students to me that were moving from  New Mexico  up to Denver.  I always felt a sense of honor.  Bill told me once that "one could spend a life time just studying the material up though Green Belt"....I never forgot that.

My perspective is limited regarding Master Bill Packer because I was never a student  of his and that said, let me say this, he was one  of the very best Kenpo Masters and those students that trained under him studied under one of the very best. These men know who they are so I need not name them here,  many of them remain active  today and are some of the best Kenpo practioners  and instructors out there.