The Self Defense School Of Kenpo

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

Belt Requirements   Orange - Black Belt

Most Kenpo Organizations have watered down their requirements so  their students can be promoted faster and therefore get their belts faster and if they charge Belt  Testing Fees they can rake in more money.

The United Kenpo - Arnis Assn.

Has not and will not water down its Belt Requirements




                                                                       There are NO BELT TESTING FEES

                                                          You will have to earn  your Rank under me.                                                            

        No matter what Color belt rank you hold, I constantly  will review and have you work lower Belt material on me in each private lesson.  All Color Belt test have some material from each of the lower belts.   Here is the clincher, Brown Belt 3rd degree is totally comprehensive, that's all the  Self  Defense  techniques and forms from yellow up through Brown Belt 3rd Degree.  If you have been a weak student through the color belt study  you better beware, the buck will come to a complete halt when you attempt to test for brown belt.  Brown Belt 2nd degree is only on the material in that  Belt.  Brown Belt 1st degree is only the material in that Belt.  Black Belt  Shodan rank is comprehensive, all material taught from yellow up though Shodan must be performed. 

       I'm  "Old School" the fundamentals and basics are stressed in every Private Lesson.   The fact is that after all these years, dating back to 1976 when I opened my first Kenpo Karate studio, I have only promoted 13 students to Black Belt .  I'm not here to create  Black Belts, I am hear to teach Practical Self Defense and Art Of Kenpo.   

Note:   There are 30 self defense techniques taught in 2nd, 3rd and  4th Black.  

P.S.  #29 Technique in Shodan should be spelled Advancing Dragon.  

For Brown Belt 3rd degree the student must hand in a short essay that answers

the following two questions no later then 1 week before the students Belt test.

1.  What is the value of the comprehensive test?

2.  How did you prepare for your test?

The essay must be typed and single spaced with a length of one page.