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About Sifu  Bill Hensel ~ who remains a life time student in a Kenpo Workshop

 I received my Black Belt in Southern Style Chinese Kenpo from John Cochran in 1976  who had been the manager of the TRA CO-PAR (Tomas Connor - Ed Parker) studio in Denver.  The Tra CO system that  Sifu taught actually predated the  Tracy Franchise system.  I began teaching Kenpo in 1973 under Mr. Cochrans eye.  I consider Mr. Cochran an excellent instructor who taught me the Kenpo Self Defense Techniques and Kata with  detail coupled with practical understanding. The tournament fighting techniques that Mr. Cochran taught me came from the Joe  Lewis strategies that James Brackett (who studied the Tracy System of Kenpo of the late 60s under Dennis Nackord in the Philadelphia )  brought to Cockrans studio from attending Lewis seminars at Nacklords studios. There will be more on James  Brackett  a truely gifted Black Belt.    Sifu Cochran passed away on May 1, 2015. He was 66 years of age.  He was retired from teaching Economics at Metro State University where he also served as Dean of the Economics program.   No matter what Sifu Cochran applied himself to  he excelled.  He was also a Pure Educator.  Without his instruction I honestly don't have a clue of where my life would have gone.  He opened the door to the Kenpo world for me which I walked though and as a result my life has been blessed.   Link

 I then studied under Master Bruce Juchnick and received my San Dan from Thomas Mitose and Bruce Juchnick in Feb 1984.   I give credit to Master Juchnick   regarding my  understanding of   Natural Law  as it pertains to Kosho Kenpo.   At that time I also learned many advanced Tracy Kenpo forms and Chi Lin Pi  forms from Master Juchnick.   Let me say here that I consider Master Juchnick to be one of the finest Martial Artist anywhere to be found. 

I decided to study under   Grand Master Al TracyI received my Black belt 4th Degree from Grand Master Al Tracy in 1988, my Black Belt 5th degree in 1994,  my Black Belt 7th degree in 2005  and Black Belt 9th Degree  Diploma dated August 8, 2015.  I agree'd to convert from the Older Tracy system I had learned in the 70s  to the system formulated in the 80s.  

I hesitate to refer to myself as a Master and only do so because my seniors refer to me as such.  

Jame Wing Woo said,"A Master is someone that does not train any longer".   I still train on a daily basis. 

I still practice over 30 katas and all the Tracy Self defense techniques.  

I converted completely over to the Tracy System of Kenpo and went on to own my own Tracy's Karate Studio which was located in Englewood, Colorado. I  franchised three other Tracy Karate Studios.  These studios were located in Lakewood, Arvada and Aurora  Colorado. One of the Greatest Honor's I have had is being able to call my studios Tracy Karate Studio's.  Grand Master Tracy only allowed a few people to use his family name.    This is the sign

that was up on the Arvada studio.

 Al Tracy and Pat Tracy have done more to promote Kenpo  then anyone else in the World Of  Kenpo  They  created manuals that allowed Kenpo to be taught consistently preventing it from being watered down in both quality and quantity.   Al brought into the system many Classical Chinese forms and Weapon Sets.     

I also owned the American Martial Art Supply store, that sold both wholesale to other karate studios and retail

to the general public.

Along the way I studied Kali-Arnis under RAJAH Buji Lateef Mateen and received my GURU Rank in 1986.

I set up Mateens first big seminar in Colorado in 1986.

Rajah Mateen had three children. The two daughters were highly skilled and their names are Samara and Michelle.  The sons name is Temujin and he was unbelievably skilled.  Here is a clip that features that period in time that I

trained under Mateen and your see demonstrations with his daughters.  The last segment is what is called break in  break out and Temujin and Lutius  Lee a student of Mateens are in this section:

I consider my self only a teacher of Arnis ~ Kali not a Master of these Arts.

Matteen taught me Pekiti Tersi , please watch the following film  Of  Master Bill McGraft who Master Mateen spoke highly of.

In 1987,  I created the United Kenpo ~ Arnis Ass.  I was one of the first instructors to openly teach  Arnis ~ Kali

in Colorado.  Many of  my students were typical of the Kempo students  in Hawaii in that their understanding of Self Defense  was a composite of  Kenpo/Kempo  motion blended with the strategies and flow found in Arnis ~ Kali.  Therefore, in order   express such a mixed martial art learning experience I created the United Kenpo ~ Arnis Ass..

The Twin Red Dragons were present at  all my personal Self Defense Studios.

I still certify all my personal students under my hand using  the diplomas from the United Kenpo ~ Arnis Ass. .  All my students of the past were also certified by Grand Master Al Tracy and Pat Tracy. All my students that reach Black Belt - Shodan and above are always certified though the Tracy National Headquarters in Lexington, Ky.

I still teach one on one private lessons to a hand full of  students and I train daily in Kenpo.

I teach out of a small Dojo in my back yard  located at Pine Grove, Colorado.  I refer to the Dojo as The Self Defense School Of Kenpo.  

I teach the complete Tracy Kenpo systemThats all of the forms/kata and the All of the Self Defense Techniques.

I refer to the Kenpo that I teach as Chinese Kenpo Karate, Chuan Fa or Chinese Boxing.

In August of 2011 I was Inducted into The Kenpo International  Hall Of Fame.

I have been a free lance writer for many years.  Sometimes I write under the name Bamboo Bill and other times

I write under my real name.  Two Martial Art articles were published in Black Belt and Karate Illustrated in the early 80's.  You will find them on this web site.

 Kenpo Cane  

The Physics Of Combat 

A number of reporters for newspapers and writers have written about my life. 

Pamala Lawson a reporter/writer wrote a very nice article about my life:

Well Cast  Bamboo Bill fish's for the mysteries  in the river of life

Newt Weaver freelance writer residing in Ocean City, Maryland published

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Stefon Gawdon - Sifu