Self Defense School Of Kenpo - Tracy's Chinese Kenpo ( Fist Law - Chuan- Fa )

Self Defense in empty hand, stick and edged weapons - Private Instruction - No Belt Testing Fee's - No Contracts

Signed by: Al Tracy, Pat Tracy, Mark Tracy and Ted Sumner 

P.S. Over the years different Martial Art groups have contacted me offering me Higher Rank.  I declined them all mentioning that if my rank did not come from AL Tracy it would not mean anything to me.  Here is a story of the very first of these contacts beginning cira 1986.  A very High Ranking JuJitsu instructor contacted me and mentioned that I could receive higher Rank from a JuJitsu Organisation he was a member of.  I asked one question, Was there anyone in the Organisation who had Rank in Kenpo?  The man said, no.  I said, then my Rank would mean nothing to me.  With the advent of computers and the internet I average an e mail per month offering me a 10th Dan if only I send them lots of money.  I e mail them back with some friendly advice and where they can stick their phony Rank certificates.   I stuck to my guns and only excepted Rank from Al Tracy himself all these years.   The Tracy's have always "Been There" for me.  I connected with Al Tracy so my students would have a direct family line that they could be  connected to.   It saddens me when I hear of one of Als high ranking students "Self Promote " themselves.  Doing so damages the lineage line that flows back through   Al Tracy and the Masters before him, Parker, Chow and Mitose.  So if your thinking about excepting higher Rank from another Kenpo group or giving yourself a 10th degree, think twice about doing so.  You are only hurting your own students.  This is just my opinion and nothing more.  

October  1976 was when I was promoted to Black Belt, I also opened my first commercial  Kenpo studio at that time.

I have taught and studied the Art as a Black belt for 41 years.  I have had 13 students who achieved the Rank of Shodan Black Belt Ist degree directly under my instruction.  I am still teaching a few students privately.  With in another year I hope to have another student be promoted to Black Belt.  Time will tell.  The classical Tracy Kenpo system requires the student to learn more Self Defense techniques then any other  Kenpo system.